Summit Club

Summit Club

Mt Baker Vapor Summit Club

The Summit Club rewards Mt Baker Vapor's most loyal customers with points on every shipped order.

You will get 2 points for every dollar spent on shipped orders from us.

How to view your Summit Club points

Step 1: Log in to your account -
Step 2: Click on My Rewards on the left sidebar or Summit Club in the tiles. 

Step 3: On the Summit club page scroll down to view your point balance

How to redeem your Summit Club points

Redeeming points can be done in a couple of different areas. It is important to note that when you redeem points the system generates a coupon code to apply the discount. This coupon code is emailed to you in case there is a checkout error and needs to be applied manually. Our agents also have access to see the codes to apply the discount to your order. 

From the Summit Club page in your account area, you may redeem your points by clicking the redeem button in the point balance box. When you click redeem the system will instantly take you to the shopping cart where you can finally apply your points. You will also have the same option to apply your points when you are going through the normal checkout flow. 

When you hit apply you will see the discount apply to the cart automatically.

You may proceed through checkout as normal and your points will be redeemed. 

Summit Club Point Redemption Tiers

The more points you have the more you save!
  1. 250 points - $5 off
  2. 500 points - $10 off
  3. 1250 points - $25 off
  4. 2500 points - $50 off
Points must always be redeemed in the above increments. 

How to earn bonus rewards in the Summit Club

Earning bonus rewards in the Summit Club is easy. Navigate to the Summit Club page. You will see you are able to invite your 21+-year-old friends to shop at Mt Baker Vapor. 

Fill in your friend's email addresses to email them a $10 off coupon for their order of $30 or more. If your friend spends more then $30 and their order has shipped you will be rewarded with a $10 off coupon for your next order.

You can also easily share your referral link on any social channels or messaging platforms you would like. The more people you invite the more potential you have to earn.